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Ann is the mother of one remarkable Gracie. She has enjoyed entertaining people since a time when fish walked the earth. Ann loves watching her daughter gain her independence as a young adult.



April is the mother of 6 kids. She has been seen on Michigan stages since 2011 when she was first invited to join a crazy group of zombie-dressing Midlanders performing "Thriller". April gets a kick out of parenting when she's not.



Carol is an incredible mother of one, an artist and friend. She is an inegral part of the MOMsemble. Carol thought parenting was awesome when she watched her daughter marry the love of her life.



Laura is the mother of 2 boys. She is the founder of The Michigan MOMsemble, one of the two main lyricists and she has performed on stage in 46 states. Laura thinks parenting is awesome when she is not in a hurry.



Sarah is the mother of 3. A co-lyricist for The Michigan MOMsemble, Sarah has spent her entire life in music and performing. She thinks parenting is awesome when she only has to repeat herself seven times.



Mother of two, a dance teacher with killer pipes...Jennifer has performed with The Michigan MOMsemble since the very first year.



Kathy is the mother of 2 and a grandma of 2! She has been active in theatre for over 40 years in five different states Kathryn thinks the best part of parenting is having grandchildren.



Meagan is an incredible performer and a brand new mother. We are so happy Meagan has joined the ranks of the sleepless.



Natalie is the mother of one kid. She has been involved in over 40 shows in the Mid-Michigan area as a performer, director, writer or producer. Natalie enjoys being a parent when she hears her daughter singing from the other room when she thinks no one is listening.

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Megan is the mother of two, a musician and voice teacher with a Masters in Music. Megan thinks parenting is awesome when she witnesses her childrens good heartts at work.

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JoAnn is the mother of three grown children and six grandchildren. She has been involved with the peforming arts since age ten and in many capacities from pit musician, to performer to set crew, to director. She thinks parenting is awesome when you watch your grandchildren try to get away with the stuff their parents did when they were young.

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Kim is the mother of two teenage boys. She teaches K-5 music and has also performed vocally throughout the midwest. Kim thinks parenting is fun when everyone is asleep.

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Cara is the mother of four children. She's a fourth generationperformer and is one of America's Funniest People. Parenting is awesome when the children are spending the weekend with their grandparents, or sleeping, or with friends, or just generally not with their parents (except the college-aged kids...parenting is much more awesome when they are around.)



The mother of two beautiful people. She has written and directed a bunch of shows and loves sneaking in her own props and costumes. Glecia has a ball parenting when her kids are asleep.



Justine is the mother of one and has performed all over the Great Lakes Bay Area. Justine thinks parenting is awesome when she gets to sing about it.



Gina is the mother of one.  She is a  theatre director and is a member of the Elite Arts dance company in Midland, MI. Gina thinks parenting is awesome when she performs with her son.

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Kate is the mother of 2 kids. She has a degree in Worship Arts and is frequently seen on stage in Midland, MI. Kate thinks parenting is fun when her sons make her belly laugh at their jokes about butts.



Melissa is the mother of one child. She has performed in choirs, cabarets, and theatrical productions for most of her life. Parenting is amazing for Melly when she sees her daughter thrive...thanks to the skills she has passed along to her, of course.



Yolandie is a mom of 2 kids. She has perfomed in musical theatre since 2017 and teaches kids improv as well. She thinks parenting is fun when she gets to be a kid again and play with them.

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Katie is the mother of one incredible human. She is a cellist and performer. Katie thinks parenting is awesome when her daughter makes good choices.



Katrina is the mother of 5. 'NUFF SAID.



Amy is the mother of 2 kids. She is a 4th grade teacher who loves performing in theatre productions when time allows. Amy thinks parenting is awesome is calm.



Holly is the mother of two. Holly started performing when her kids did. Holly thinks parenting is awesome when they are all snuggled in on a cold day.



Jessica is the mother of four. She has been a performer, reviewer, and director for several years. Jessica thinks parenting is aweome when her kids are just being kids.



Marci is a mother to two kids. She has been blowing the roof off of perfomance venues with her voice for a good long while. Marci thinks parenting is awesome when we are stuck in the same place with nothing to do but make eachother laugh, smile and snuggle.



Rita is the mother of 3 kids. She has learned, taught, choreographed, and performed professionally just about every kid of dance you can think of. Rita thinks parenting is awesome when everyone is quietly chewing the meal she just slaved over.


Moms currently unpictured

Several Moms in our group are unpictured, and are still to come!

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