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We’re Making Headlines

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"The women of the Michigan MOMsemble have a uniquely insightful parody show...cleverly rewritten songs that cut to the heart of what it means to be a mother: all the joy, all the heartache, and the wine!" -LocalHop

“Wonderful show last night! My sister and I had a blast.” “What a stellar group!”

“Such a great show!”
“I really enjoyed the show! Such a talented group of ladies.”

“I loved the show and was so glad there was no husband bashing!”

-MOMsemble Fans

"A diva review!"

"Awesome show! I was cracking up..."

"Loved the show!!! Can not wait to see it again!!! You are all amazing!"

"Amazing job!"

"Had a great night at the theatre watching The Michigan MOMsemble. They were amazing. Thank you for the laughs and the levity."

" talented!"

-Patron response from Festival 56 performaces March 2022

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